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Your Online Porcelain Exchange and Porcelain Purchase for old series
Got all your cups in a row? Or too many dishes left over?

Our Porcelain Exchange for old series of dishes, coffee and table services, glasses and cutlery present to you old classics and series not being produced anymore from over 100 manufacturers from Germany and the rest of the world. With the know-how from over 10 years and the passion for old china series, we can offer an impressive selection from german, english, french, scandinavian and many more manufacturers from around the world. Discover the whole inventory of our porcelain exchange, search specifically for single items or rummage through our various categories. You can´t find what you are looking for? Send us your request and we will inform you as soon as we have the series back in stock. 

Luckily there are customers that have too much porcelain at home or don´t know what to do with the inherited service. You are one of them? Then make us an offer for your old series - completely non-binding! We will happily take your offer and check the demand with our customers.