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Frequently asked questions


What can I do when I don´t know how my porcelain service is called?
Is the manufacturer, form and pattern unknown to you, we recommend to contact the manufacturer directly or do some research on the internet in advance.
Please be aware that we can only make an offer if we know what your service is called.
Unfortunately we can not take any pictures via postal mail or on a digital medium into consideration.


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In what condition are the items we have in stock?
We have 4 quality classifications:

  • very good condition -  like new, basically just sat in the cupboard
  • good condition – also very good condition, just has been used a couple of times
  • good condition with fine scratches, you can see the fine scratches on the surface when you hold the item up to the light 
  • with scratches but not damaged - means - you can see the scratches (clear scratches you can see without holding the item up to the light).

Long story short:

We do not sell damaged items. Exceptions are possible only in high quality series like from Meissen, Herend etc. - in this case the defects are described in the item itself.



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Can I pick up my item personally?

Unfortunately we do not have any items in our office. For inspections, please contact us before to make the items available in our office.


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What does shipping cost?


We ship worldwide, with DHL parcel:


  • inside Germany:     5,90 €, free shipping from 60€ and up
  • Cash on delivery only inside Germany:     Shipping cost + 12 € COD-fee
  • Europe:     Basic price 20 €
  • Switzerland and Norway:     Basic price 25 €
  • Worldwide:      Basic price 40 €


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How do we ship?
We always ship our packages via DHL.



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How and when do I have to pay?

At first you will always receive an invoice from us, which you can pay via credit transfer, PayPal or Cash on Delivery.

As soon as we receive payment, the ordered items will be shipped immediately. Was Cash on Delivery selected in the order, you pay the amount directly to your mailman.

Furthermore you can of course pick up the items directly - after making an appointment - at our offices and pay cash on site.



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I would like to make you an offer. What do I have to do?
We always need following information:

  • Manufacturer
  • Form as well as pattern or the 4-5 digit pattern number; if you do not have this information, then we need:
  • a picture or a sample.
  • all items listed
  • location
  • suggested price


You can offer us porcelain the following ways:

  • over our form on "Sell to us"
  • via fax
  • via postal mail


Unfortunately we can not process offers sent to us by e-mail.


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How does my porcelain get to the Porcelain Exchange?

We purchase throughout Germany. You can find our appointments in the category "Sell to us". We are having appointments in regular intervals.